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Our sustainability is based on economic value-adding processes that enable our employees to be social and creative, while using natural resources efficiently, without polluting nature, and conserving energy and natural resources every day.

Producing for the needs of today's generation without compromising the needs of future generations is the main goal of our sustainability efforts.

Kasar Dual

Wastewater Treatment Facility

Our R&D department continually reviews existing production, keeps up with sectoral developments, and ensures that our products remain up-to-date with research services that will make the newest, most useful, and cost-effective products. We work to guarantee the future existence of our company by improving our new product and processing activities.

The raw materials we use are selected from the best quality products that do not harm the environment and human health, and every purchased raw material is included in production after passing suitability tests in our physical and chemical laboratories. All our suppliers are periodically evaluated.

Kasar Dual

Our production facility is designed in an environmentally friendly and nature-friendly manner. Continuous projects are carried out to save electricity, water, and other natural resources we use, aiming to reduce costs and minimize adverse effects every day.

100% of the water we use in production is treated in our wastewater treatment facility with a daily capacity of 3500 m3 and then released into nature. We also obtain our drinking water, which is served to approximately 1000 people, by passing it through physical treatment units from underground sources.

We generate 100% of our electricity used in production in our electricity generation co-generation system within our facility, ensuring the continuity of our facility and production without damage from power outages. In addition, we have 2 backup 1375 kVA diesel generators ready to operate in case of grid and co-generation failures.

We control our waste generated after our activities, ensure its release to nature in accordance with legal requirements, take the necessary measures for filtering chimney gas emissions, treating wastewater before release to nature, disposing of the resulting sludges, disposing of chemical substances, and separating and processing solid waste by accredited institutions.

Kasar Dual

Electric Turbine

In addition to ensuring the recycling of packaging used at the entrance of raw materials and products, we use first-class packaging used in food product packaging, which is harmless to human health, for all our products, especially those produced without manual contact, through machines without manual contact.

Transparency is an indispensable principle in all our efforts. We share all important activities related to our business activities and production with our customers, official institutions, the social environment, and other stakeholders, primarily through our website.

Kasar Dual

We educate all our employees to act in accordance with the 'Kasar Dual Resources Good Use' corporate policy, which is the environmental sustainability corporate policy of Kasar Dual.

  1. We inform all our employees about the necessary practices for sustainability and ensure that they receive training.

  2. We create workplace conditions that encourage the application of this policy at work and at home to help all our employees take personal responsibility for environmental protection.

  3. We ensure that environmental sustainability is discussed in relevant training, workshops, and meetings to increase the commitment of our employees, suppliers, business partners, and the community.

  4. We encourage responsible behavior towards the environment at the corporate and individual levels by publishing success stories and highlighting positive initiatives to establish successful practices of environmental responsibility.

To ensure the quality and continuity of our production, we design and ensure the participation of our employees in training and programs that support their job requirements and personal development.

We carefully monitor, evaluate, and announce regulatory developments that regulate legal requirements to reflect them in our strategies. To promote an effective regulatory system related to environmental sustainability:

  1. We collaborate with regulatory institutions and other relevant stakeholders to support environmentally efficient and effective laws and regulations.

  2. We support internationally accepted standards and voluntary initiatives designed to protect the environment.

  3. We oppose discriminatory measures.

  4. We support the alignment of environmental laws, regulations, and standards with trade improvement and consumer understanding.

Our Quality Policy 

Kasar Dual Textile Industry Inc.'s 'Quality Policy':

  1. To implement and continuously improve the Quality Management System.

  2. To understand customer expectations correctly and meet them on time.

  3. To continuously increase quality and efficiency and reduce costs.

  4. To do our jobs right the first time and every time.
  5. To promote and make education and teamwork activities continuous.
Kasar Dual

Environmental Policy 

Kasar Dual Textile Industry Inc., adopting the philosophy of living in harmony with nature in all its activities, aims to:

  1. Comply with all environmental legislation and legal obligations,

  2. Efficiently and effectively use raw materials and energy resources for the conservation of natural resources,

  3. Determine the environmental impacts of all our activities, ensure the recycling of waste as much as possible, minimize waste that cannot be recycled, and ensure the proper disposal of this waste without harming the environment,

  4. Continuously make improvements to prevent and control environmental pollution by tracking technological developments,
  5. Provide continuous training to our employees to create environmental awareness and individual responsibility,
  6. Enhance our environmental performance through collaboration with our customers, suppliers, and official institutions,

This is embraced as the 'Environmental Policy'. Kasar Dual

Occupational Health and Safety Policy 

Kasar Dual Textile Industry Inc., in all its activities, adheres to the principle of 'PEOPLE FIRST' and aims to:

  1. Comply with all Occupational Health and Safety legislation and legal obligations,

  2. Continuously provide training to our employees to enhance Occupational Health and Safety awareness,

  3. Give top priority to Occupational Health and Safety in all our activities to provide a safe and healthy working environment,

  4. Minimize Occupational Health and Safety risks by conducting risk analyses, taking corrective/preventive actions, and continuously improving the system,
  5. Continuously monitor and provide adequate resources for technological developments and innovations,
  6. Collaborate with all employees in the workplace, as well as subcontractors and visitors, to ensure that all measures related to Occupational Health and Safety are taken, implemented, and adherence to established rules is encouraged to improve our Occupational Health and Safety performance,

This is embraced as the 'Occupational Health and Safety Policy'. Kasar Dual

Energy Policy 

Kasar and Dual Textile Industry Inc., with a sense of responsibility for energy usage, aims to continuously improve energy performance and make its activities environmentally and economically sustainable by:

  1. Being open to using new, renewable, and clean energy sources,

  2. Continuously monitoring legal and other requirements related to energy efficiency, usage, and consumption,

  3. Ensuring efficient energy use by using existing energy sources in the most efficient way,

  4. Providing the necessary resources for increasing energy efficiency and sustainability throughout the production, transmission, distribution, and consumption stages of all energy types, and developing energy awareness throughout the company,
  5. Conducting energy performance research and improvement during the procurement of machinery and equipment to select energy-efficient options,

This is embraced as the 'Energy Policy'.

The top management, managers, and employees of KASAR and DUAL Textile Industry Inc. are responsible for implementing this policy, ensuring the continuous improvement of energy performance, and enhancing and maintaining the company's reputation in the public eye.

Ethical Rules 

Trust is built on principles...

Our customers, suppliers, and solution partners know that Kasar Dual's service approach is based on the highest standards.

Our customers, who have supported our work with the understanding of quality and trust for years, are our most important supporters in ensuring the continuity of our efforts. We consider making our like-minded and supportive customers happy as our first duty, in order to not lose our team spirit and the working environment driven by the understanding of quality and trust, which we have established based on our experiences.

'It's our job!'
Kasar Dual uses its company's and customers' resources carefully and efficiently while fulfilling the requirements of its business. It guarantees the quality of the service provided with the added value it provides in all its processes.

We design our interaction with all institutions we communicate with during the provision of our services in a harmonious and improvement-oriented way. We do not forget that we are important parts of a whole and that there are essential pieces for the work to be done in the best possible way when providing services.

'We are in the lead!'
We strive to follow the requirements of the industry in the best possible way and make efforts to continuously improve our work. With over 50 years of experience, our outward-looking perspective, and our future strategies, we are leaders in the field where we provide services.

'Dream on!'
When accessing knowledge and using the information we obtain, we aim to go beyond conventional patterns by questioning ourselves, our resources, and the results we achieve, and by producing alternatives.

'We are aware!'
We aim to adapt to changes happening in the external world, to be open to different understandings by getting rid of habits that need to change, and to see beyond existing systems by trying to change ourselves and the world together.

'Respect for oneself and stakeholders!'
While carrying out our services, we respect different ideas and opinions belonging to units involved in all activities.

'Master of time!'
We do what needs to be done in accordance with our promise, on time and correctly.

'Don't forget your goals!'
We believe that working purposefully is essential to achieving our goals. We use all our energy and resources in the most efficient way to reach our goals.

Our Social Responsibility Policy 

For a better future for everyone...

Kasar Dual regards the principles of respect for human beings and closeness to the people as fundamental values and sees social responsibility awareness in its activities as the fundamental and unchanging elements of its management approach. We prioritize contributing to society as our primary goals.

The basic principles that we base on in our social responsibility practices are as follows:

1. At Kasar Dual, our top priority is for all our employees to work under healthy and safe conditions in a manner that is compatible with human dignity.
2. Making environmentally friendly technology and clean energy applications, which are among our technological priorities, for production that is sensitive to society and the environment, is among Kasar Dual's company priorities.
3. We believe that our human resources are the most important element of sustainable growth. We ensure that the personal rights of our employees are used fully and correctly.
4. We make efforts within the framework of corporate social responsibility to contribute to the development of our community.
5. We are sensitive to the traditions and cultures of Turkey and the countries in which we operate. We act in accordance with all applicable legal regulations.
6. We carry out international quality certifications by complying with international standards in our activities.

At Kasar Dual, we act with the awareness of our responsibilities towards a better future and a more livable world.

Rain Harvest 

As a result of our sustainability approach, we use the Rain Harvesting system to recycle water that falls as a result of weather events such as rain, snow, and hail throughout the year and use it in our production line. Protecting and beautifying the future for the world and our children is our responsibility. Kasar Dual


Setting standards with its own standards

Kasar Dual, which creates its own standards with its quality and sets the industry standards with its standards, is the choice of the whole world with its international quality and compliance certificates.


Global Organic Textile Standard



Oeko-Tex® Standard 100


Oeko-Tex® Standard 100


Oeko-Tex® Standard 100



Organic Content Standard

ISO 9001


ISO 14001


ISO 45001

İş Sağlığı ve Güvenliği

Oeko-Tex® Standard 100


Global Recycled Standard


Recycled Claim Standard


Oeko-Tex® Standard 100