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Rotation and Digital Printing Plant  

Thanks to our special and up-to-date printing technology, we offer our customers dyeing services to the highest quality standards. We perform printing with reactive, pigment, acid, matweisse, dewore, pigment etching, coating, and digital techniques in our facilities.

-A daily production capacity of 10 tons with 1 unit of Singlepass Pigment Digital Printing Machine with 280 printheads with
- A daily production capacity of 5 tons with 1 unit of multipass pigment digital printing machine with 96 printheads
-5 tons production capacity per day with 1 multipass reactive digital printing machine with 96 printheads



The touch that gives life to fabric

Rotation printing is a technique of printing on fabrics. It is the production process in the textile industry which is closest to the artistic aesthetics. It is a dance of fabric and paint, like a live performance on a stage full of rollers. Fabric does not immediately meet with dye. First of all, the dye must stop by a stencil and be prepared, show its style, and meet the expectation of the fabric. Is it a pattern, a letter, or a picture...

Then that eye-catching show starts with a tap. As if a painter is touching his brush to the canvas, the paint begins flowing into the fabric. For Kasar Dual, who sees the world as its stage and its work as its work of art, this is what Rotation printing is like.

We perform Reactive, Pigment, Etching, Acid, Disperse and Technical Textile Coatings through our rotation printing machine with a daily production capacity of 20,000 kg consisting of 1 piece of 10-color magnetic, l piece 12-color blade system and capability of printing on all kinds of fabrics.


High Efficiency, Quality Production

The slinglepass pigment digital printing with 280 printheads, which is a groundbreaking technology in the textile industry, offers an effective response to needs of industry. With a daily production capacity of 10 tons, this machine stands out with the capability to combine productivity and quality.

Technological Wonder:
Perfect collaboration of 280 printheads ensures color accuracy and sharp results on every pass. One-step printing accelerates production through optimization of energy efficiency and speed.

Speed and Precision:
The daily production capacity of 10 tons pushes the standards of the sector. The capability to process quickly is effective in meeting large production needs. The machine's precision and advanced color management enable high-quality prints.

Durability and Variety: Thanks to pigment-based inks, products become durable and offer long-lasting prints. The technology enables a variety of applications in textiles and many other industries.

In brief, the slinglepass pigment digital printing with 280 printheads is reshaping the future of the industry by combining high quality and productivity.


Superior Quality and Flexibility

There are two outstandingly innovative methods in the textile industry: multipass pigment and reactive digital printing. Both are used to deliver high-quality results.

Multipass Pigment Digital Printing:
This technique applies layers of color sequentially to preserve vivid colors and fine details. Precise color management and a detail-oriented approach improve quality.

Reactive Digital Printing:
Reactive digital printing is specific to fabrics with natural fibers. It forms chemical bonds with reactive dyes, resulting in long-lasting prints with wide-color range.

Professional Approach:
Color management is critical in both methods. Setting the color profiles correctly guarantees the desired results.

While details and tones are preserved in multipass printing, the selection of compatible dyes is important in reactive printing.

Multipass pigment and reactive digital printing brings diversification to the textile industry in terms of quality and choice. You can achieve high quality and durability with the right application and color management.

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