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Yarn Facility

Quality Is a Preference

The quality of fabric comes from the quality of yarn, and the quality of yarn comes from raw materials and advanced technology. Our Yarn Facility, with 20,000 m² of production and 5,000 m² of yarn and cotton storage space, will significantly increase its capacity from 50,880 spindles to 456 spindles of Open-End and 10,080 spindles of Compact Ring planned for 2023-2024.

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We utilize state-of-the-art technology in ring yarn production with a focus on superior technological parameters and quality, believing that quality cotton opens the doors to quality yarn production and satisfied customer relationships. We have online integrated quality monitoring systems such as SPID and QUANTUM EXPERT automatic data processing to ensure sustainability through data analysis.

We place a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability in all our processes and produce using energy-efficient methods enabled by the latest technology. Additionally, we aim to protect and enhance the well-being of our employees and the community, all while being socially responsible.

Our customer-centric approach, top-quality products, and commitment to environmental and social responsibility assure our customers and stakeholders that we are a reliable business partner.

Furthermore, through continuous improvement activities, we optimize our production processes and consistently meet customer expectations with world-class quality management systems. We are passionate about our work, open to innovation, and committed to providing our customers with flawless product quality and competitive prices. We support our employees through training and motivation, allowing them to contribute to our business. As a result, we take pride in being a globally trusted brand and continue to build strong relationships with all our stakeholders.

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Our company offers highly professional and fast service in yarn production. We produce an average of 750 tons of quality yarns ranging from Ne 8/1 to Ne 60/1 every month. This is an indicator of our success in meeting our customers' needs.

However, considering constantly evolving demands and high export targets, we need to increase our capacity. Therefore, we have initiated a new project to raise our yarn production capacity to 1,000 tons per month, surpassing the current average.

With this new project, we aim to not only offer our customers more high-quality yarn options but also strengthen our position in the market with more competitive prices. Our company's high-quality standards and professional approach have made us an industry leader, and this new development will further enhance our capabilities.

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Our production facility is designed in an environmentally friendly and nature-friendly manner. Continuous projects are carried out to save electricity, water, and other natural resources we use, aiming to reduce costs and minimize adverse effects every day.

100% of the water we use in production is treated in our wastewater treatment facility with a daily capacity of 3500 m3 and then released into nature. We also obtain our drinking water, which is served to approximately 1000 people, by passing it through physical treatment units from underground sources.

We generate 100% of our electricity used in production in our electricity generation co-generation system within our facility, ensuring the continuity of our facility and production without damage from power outages. In addition, we have 2 backup 1375 kVA diesel generators ready to operate in case of grid and co-generation failures.

We control our waste generated after our activities, ensure its release to nature in accordance with legal requirements, take the necessary measures for filtering chimney gas emissions, treating wastewater before release to nature, disposing of the resulting sludges, disposing of chemical substances, and separating and processing solid waste by accredited institutions.

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Machine Park

Our machine park is equipped with a wide range of professional equipment.
- 2 Blending Machines
- 2 Carding Machines
- 1 Cellulosic Carding Machine
- 19 Combing Machines
- 10 1st Pass Drawing Frames
- 4 Slubbing Machines
- 21 Ring Spinning Machines
- 10 2nd Pass Drawing Frames
- 9 Roving Frames
- 30 Ring Spinning Machines
- 30 Winding Machines

Each piece of equipment, specialized in its own area, allows us to offer our customers excellent quality and reliable products. Regular maintenance and checks ensure that each piece of equipment operates at its best.

Our machine park, equipped with capacity to meet customer demands, not only allows us to produce high-quality and economical products but also maintain customer satisfaction through on-time deliveries.

Our machine park is equipped with the most advanced equipment in the industry and is operated by our experienced personnel. We take pride in providing our customers with excellent quality and unique craftsmanship in our production processes.

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Quality in Fabric Production

Our physical laboratory carries out a meticulous quality control process to maintain the quality of yarn production at the highest level. This comprehensive approach is carried out in full compliance with ISO (International Standards Organization) directives and the latest industry norms. This dedicated approach aims to minimize production errors by preserving the excellent quality of yarns.

Our laboratory houses state-of-the-art equipment such as Uster tester-5, Tensorapid-4, HVI 1000, AfisPro-2, and various twist and tensile strength test machines. These machines perform in-depth analyses of yarn properties, including durability, density, tensile strength, elongation, and other essential physical attributes. The data collected by these machines is rapidly processed by LAB-Expert and Quantum Expert information processing networks. These systems efficiently conduct precise data analysis and reporting.

The results of these tests serve as a valuable resource for diagnosing and correcting potential errors in the production processes. This approach facilitates the management of a process based on solid foundations for production decisions, greatly contributing to the achievement of quality standards and customer satisfaction.

The Yarn Physical Laboratory significantly contributes to high-quality yarn production and ensures that we continue our operations by always adhering to the latest technological developments and international standards. In doing so, we aim to maximize customer satisfaction and maintain our goal of becoming an industry leader.

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