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Kasar Dual High Capacity

Kasar Dual Inc., with its facilities established on an area of 170,000 m² open and 77,000 m² closed area, has the capacity to produce 600 tons of knitting, 700,000 meters of woven finishing, 1,000 tons of kasar, 500 tons of dyeing, 800,000 meters of printing, and 750 tons of yarn monthly with more than 1400 employees.

Kasar Dual Quality Tradition

In order to understand customer expectations correctly and meet them on time, we continuously improve quality and efficiency, reduce costs with training and team activities, and work to provide the best service.

Kasar DualFlexible Production Capacity

Our satisfaction-oriented modular, flexible management approach and production line can offer variations compatible with customer expectations according to order capacity and delivery times.

Discover Our 58-Year Story 

Our commitment to quality in production, technical expertise, and forward-looking approach have made us one of the leading knitted fabric manufacturers in the fashion industry.

Kasar Dual Textile Industry Inc.

Kasar Dual

Production Facilities 


Sustainable Production 

Without polluting nature, using energy and natural resources economically, our reliable and healthy processes that allow our employees to be social and creative constitute the basis of our sustainability. Meeting the needs of the current generation while not compromising the needs of future generations is the main goal of our sustainability.

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Innovation in Textile 

Kasar Dual, an innovative company, has placed innovation among its company goals by applying innovative solutions in all aspects of the company, such as organizational innovation, process innovation, marketing innovation, and service innovation, as well as being sensitive in product innovation during this process.

DETAILS Kasar Dual


Annual Production (Tons)

58 +

Years of Experience

1012 +


1400 +

Team Members

Kasar Dual? 

For 58 years, we have been adding value to our country as the most innovative knitted fabric manufacturer in Turkey.

  • High Capacity

  • Quality Tradition

  • Flexible Production Capacity

  • Excellent Price Quality Ratio

  • Fast Delivery and Faithful to Agreements

  • 58 Years of Experience

  • Respectful to Nature and Environment

  • Qualified Personnel

  • Advanced Technology Usage

  • Innovation at Every Step

  • Customer Focus

  • Continuous Improvement

Kasar Dual


Continuous improvement activities continue at Kasar Dual Textile to further improve the product and service we produce every day.