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Zero Carbon Footprint Goal

As a manufacturer, we are responsible for the world above all else. Our priority is to minimize our carbon footprint and leave a blue and green world for the future by producing clean energy within our own facilities.

At every stage of our production, we meet our electricity and thermal energy needs with the clean energy we produce in our electric power plant, equipped with a 5.7 MW turbine, 4.3 MW gas engine, and 5 MW solar energy installation, which has a capacity to produce 43 tons of steam.

As a facility that generates its own energy, we can continue uninterrupted production 24/7 without being affected by any power losses that may occur due to faults and interruptions in our interconnected system.

10 MGV Steam Turbine  

Our Energy Is Sufficient
Using natural gas as the production fuel, our turbine and gas engine facility, which has a daily capacity of 5.7 mgv and 4.3 mgv electricity production and 400 tons of daily steam capacity, meets 80% of Kasar Dual's electricity needs. Our electricity production facility, which operates in parallel with the national interconnected system, can respond to our energy needs 100% with the support of our solar energy investments, seasonally (day-night, summer-winter).
Kasar Dual

5 MGV Solar Power Plant 

Clean Energy for a Sustainable Future
Our solar energy system, which has an installation capacity of 5 mgv, connected to two separate points to the operation consumption bars, is located on the roofs of our knitting and yarn facilities. With planned solar energy investments, increasing our clean energy production, reducing the natural gas consumption of our turbine and gas engine facility, and further reducing our carbon footprint are among our primary goals.
Kasar Dual