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The factory which has a yarn production area of 20000 m², also has a 5000 m² big yarn and cotton warehouse.

Organization capacity: Our yarn factory, which has 50400 spindles, made an investment for 33600 spindles to continue production.
The facility is organized in order to produce to different kind of cotton and manufactures 100% combed compact yarn. An average of 18ton/day are produced daily. 90% of the produced yarn is woven and finished in their own internal weaving facility. The yarn production facility is conditioned with the latest technology in air-conditioning systems.
The production machines are from the year 2012, are full automatic and operate with high efficiency. The average yarn number is Ne: 34/1 but production is realized between Ne: 20/1 and Ne: 80/1. Also Flam production is also available. Our factory is the biggest and the most modern yarn production facility in the nature of a show-room, in our region.


The yarn production process is carried our according to quality and process control principles in a physics laboratory equipped with the latest technology by expert laboratory workers. Our laboratory is equipped with Uster tester-5, Tensorapid-4, HVI 1000, AfisPro-2 number and bending test machines. Our laboratory also works with the LAB-Expert data processing network.


All processes between the production, cotton inlet and outlet packaging are being effectively controlled.
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Knitting Factory

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