Using our energy and natural resources efficiently without polluting the environment and our economically value processes which are safe and healthy for employees, the society and consumers and enable our employees to be social and creative, form the basis of our sustainability.

While meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of future generations, to be present now and in the future is the main aim of our sustainability.


Sewage Plant

In order to produce the most useful and least costly products, our R&D department constantly reviews the current production and follows closely the developments in the sector to ensure with research services that makes our firm different from others, that our products are up to date. With the development of new products and operation processes, our company tries to exceed future customer expectations and guarantee its existence.

The raw material we are using doesn’t harm people or the environment, is chosen between only the most qualitative products and only included in the production process after it passed the physical and chemical tests carried out in the laboratory. All of our suppliers are periodically assessed.




Our production facility has been designed environmentally friendly and in a respectful manner to nature. We constantly develop projects to save electricity, water and other natural resources and our goal is to create less costs and leave a smaller impact with every passing day.


100% of the used water is purified in our water treatment plant, which as a daily capacity of 3500 m3, and released into the environment. We obtain our drinking water, which is presented to nearly 1000 people, from underground sources which also passes the physical treatment unit.



Elektrik Türbini



We obtain 100% of the electricity we use in our production from the power generation cogeneration system within our facility, this way we ensure constant production that isn’t interrupted by power outages. We also have to spare 1375 kVA diesel generators that become active in case of network and cogeneration failures.


We control the waste that occurs after the production and ensure that is is released into nature within the legal requirements. We take necessary precautions during the filtering of flue gas emissions, releasing of purified waste water into nature, disposal of sludge, disposal of chemical substances, separating solid waste and the collecting and processing of those by accredited institutions.

Besides ensuring the recycling of the packaging that is used for raw materials and product inputs we use first class packaging material for all our products, that is used in the packaging of food products and are harmless to human health, during our full mechanical production and packaging.

Our essential work principle is transparency. We share all important information about our operations and products with our customers, public institutions, social environment and other partners via mainly the Internet.




We train all our employees to act according to the Kasar & Dual corporate sustainability policy “Kasar & Dual uses its resources effectively”.


  • We ensure that all our employees are informed and trained about all necessary applications in terms of sustainability.


  • We create workplace conditions by encouraging the implementation of these policies in the workplace and at home and help our employees take personal responsibility for the protection of the environment.


  • In order to increase the commitment of our employees, suppliers, business partners and community we are organizing relevant trainings, workshops and meetings to ensure environmental sustainability.


  • By releasing successful applications and success stories to the public, we as Kasar & Dual, encourage responsible behavior towards the environment on a corporate and personal level.


By designing supporting educational programs for the job requirements and personal development of our employees we try to ensure the quality and continuity of our production.

We carefully monitor and announce legal requirements and regulatory developments in order to include them into our strategies. In order to promote an effective regulatory system relating to environmental sustainability:


  • We work with regulatory agencies and other relevant partners so these support effective laws and regulations that are environmentally efficient;


  • We support recognized environmental standards and voluntary initiatives that are designed to protect the environment;


  • We stand against discriminatory measures;


  • We support the harmonization of environmental laws, regulations and standards to help the improvement of commerce and consumer understanding.