Our department for weaving and finishing has a daily capacity of 30,000 meters and owns a machine series that is able to finish all kinds of plain and elastane fabric. We are at your service with our topstitch and desizing, continuous bleaching, mercerizing, painting, printing, brushing, finishing and sanforizing machines.


The knitting dyeing plant with a daily capacity of 25 ton has been completely renewed in 2004 and several new small-capacity jet dyeing machine have been added in 2009 to shorten the deadlines.
The reproducibility of paint between the tanks has been increased to the highest level thanks to the fully automatic paint and chemical dosing unit.
Coloring works and fastness requests are carried out according to the OEKOTEX-100 standard in our chemistry lab equipped with the most modern systems with top quality dyestuffs and auxiliary chemicals.
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Our factory owns an ultra-modern printing plant with 3 rotary printing machines, 2 digital printing machines and one fully automatic dye kitchen. The monthly capacity of these plant is 1,000,000 m. Printing techniques such as reactive, pigment, devore, dispersing and grinding are used.
The The patterns drawn on the circle patterns are first colored in on sample printing machine with “film-druck” templates and only if the customer improves the order and pattern, it is taken onto the rotation templates.
The printing facility, which serves to both woven and knitted fabrics, enables the production of fabric with a high added value.


The careful inspection and control after the production of knitted and woven fabrics are carried out with a 4 point failure system for every ball.
With the automatic packaging and labeling the balls are given lot numbers without being touched.
Before the fabrics are shipped they have to undergo several tests in the quality control laboratory.
All tests are archived and stored for 6 months. Raw and finished samples of the produced fabric are stored for approximately 3 months in our archive. This way we can produce fast and right solutions for possible problems after the shipment.
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Kasar-Dual, for which customer satisfaction is the most important factor, carries our all fastness and physical tests on samples for each party of the production in their laboratory.
The fabrics physical tests are carried out in standard conditions (65% ±4 humidity, 20°C ±2 temperature) with timely calibrated devices that are compliant with the standards.

Carried out tests

Wash fastness, Water fastness, Perspiration Fastness, Friction fastness, Phenolic Yellowing, Size change after washing, Rotation after washing, Pilling Test (ICI Pilling test, Martindale Pilling Test), Ph, Weight, Width, Tensile Strength, Tear Strength, Return Flexibility


There are three main areas in the laboratory, these are knitted dyeing, pad batch dyeing and chemical analysis.
Recipes are entered into the computer by expert colorists and the dyeing is carried out by automated pipetting machines
The color measurement and evaluation of fabric that require pre-conditioning are carried out in the conditioning room inside of our laboratory under appropriate conditions (20°C and 65% relative humidity) with spectrophotometers of the brand DATACOLOR and of which the color measurements evaluations and annual maintenance are carried out meticulously, of the brand DATACOLOR.
We are able to present our customers colors of the new season without a physical sample because the system allows us to use special format files to produce colors digitally. Our daily total number of colors is in average 700-750. In our chemical analysis department we carry out formaldehyde, Ph etc. tests with much care on every party for fabrics that require an oke-tex standard 100 e.
Also every paint and chemical is tested in this department and only used if it is approved. Again, every kind of test regarding fabrics and chemicals are carried out carefully in this department. In order to ensure the quality of our work, all our processes are carried out by an expert staff in laboratories equipped with the latest technology. This way we guarantee the compliance with international standards and continuity.
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