Be a production partner for guiding brands of the textile sector in Turkey and the world.




We provide added value to our country with our 50-years of production and services. We carry out our yarn and fabric production activities needed by the textile industry in the light of industry innovations with our highly qualified staff and our facilities equipped with modern technology and with a high awareness of nature and the community.







Our customers are our most important supporters that ensure the continuity of our work, which we have been carrying out with quality and trust for many years now. In order to not to lose our team spirit, our working environment which operates with quality and trust and in order to maintain our corporate culture, which we established upon our experience, we see it as our main mission to please our customers, which are thinking like us and supporting us.


“Our work!”

While Kasar & Dual is fulfilling the requirements for the job, it uses the sources of the company and customer with care and effectiveness. With the added value it provides in all the services, the company guarantees quality at every stage..



While we present our employees, customers and services, we design our interaction with each institution that we are in contact with within a harmonious and healing processes. In order to do the best we know that we are important pieces that belong to a whole.


“We are the leader!”

We closely follow the requirements of the sector and constantly strive to make our business better. With our experience of over 50 years, our outward looking point of view and future strategies we are the are leader in the field we serve.


“Imagine it to become true!”

While reaching new information and using it, we question every point we reached, all our sources and achieved goals in order to generate alternatives and think outside conventional methods.


“We are aware!”

We aim at following the changes in the outside world and adapting to them, get rid of habits that need to be changed and be open to new and different understandings and trying to see beyond the existing system and change together with it in order to be able to exist in the future.


“Show respect to yourself and your partners!”

We respect all different ideas and opinions of different departments that contribute to our services and operations.


“Be the master of time!”

We carry out all our work according to our promise, on time and in the right way.


“Don’t forget your goals!”

We believe that being goal oriented is necessary while working to achieve the desired aim. We use all our energy and resources in the most effective way to achieve the goal.