Performance Management


At Kasar & Dual our longterm strategies and goals are included in all our operations and the monitoring of the performance is ensured. The balanced scorecard approach, company goals, functional goals and department goals are being monitored.


With the applied personal performance management, department goals are reduced to personal goals and by evaluating the employees via the right and objective criteria we ensure constant motivation and a culture of continuous improvement.



Career Management


Kasar & Dual sees the harmony of future plans and the individual career plans of employees as a supportive and long and healthy partnership. With the prepared projects and systems of the human resources department, it tries to combine the long-term goals of the company with the personal career goals of the employees.



Wage Management


At Kasar & Dual all our work and business owners are partners of our earnings. Trough the systems that are founded on the extent of contributions, they are benefiting from our compensation and benefits policies.