Our most important value at Kasar Dual A.Ş. which has kept the firm alive for over 50 years now, are our dedicated, committed and highly qualified professional employees, which will ensure this awareness of confidence and quality in the future.


At Kasar & Dual everyone is a leader in his field. Our experienced organizational structure allows every individual to take responsibility and initiatives in all related matters. Our company provides the necessary environmental conditions for all employees in order for them to develop and make progress.


The human resources department at Kasar & Dual A.Ş. is the strategic partner of the company management. With its proactive and innovative approach it jointly acts in line with the objectives of the company and tries to execute contemporary human resource practices on the road to success. The main responsibilities of the human resources department at Kasar & Dual are: provide qualified employees that fit our corporate culture, providing support, training and experience in order to meet business requirements and personal needs, closely follow development and performance, ensure that they receive their share of the total earnings in proportion to their success, align personal routes with the one of the company, ensure that our employees are proud to be working for Kasar & Dual and creating the necessary environment to ensure the continuity of their duties with high motivation.